Time waits for no-one. And, when you’re running a business, time is a precious commodity that you need to manage carefully and productively.

So if you’re wondering where all the time goes, and how you’re going to deliver all the work that’s required to the deadline, read on…we have some great news.

Losing control of your time

Business control is one of the fundamental things you simply have to achieve as a business owner.

You need control over your debts, control over your profits and tight control over the time you spend on each job.

One of the major ways you can lose control is by not tracking this time or the overall hours spent on a project. You may be a service business or you may be selling products. But if you’re not tracking the time spent, and whether it’s profitable for the business, you’re chasing your own tail.

Getting back control of this time

So, what’s the simplest ways to get back in control of your time?

We’d advise investing in one of the new breed of software project management tools. You’ll know that we are

strong believers in the benefits of Xero’s cloud accounting

and the same benefits apply for cloud-based job management solutions.

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Workflow Max

is a workflow and project management tool that will give you back control over your time.

With Workflow Max you get:

  • Instant quotes to send out to customers
  • Flexible time-tracking, so you’re on top of time spent
  • Easy job management, making workflow easier
  • Invoice-raising, with all the numbers linked back to Xero
  • Reporting on time spent and profit margins

Talk to us about regaining control of your time

Are you having issues meeting deadlines, using staff productively or reaching the right profit margins?

If so, we’d love to sit down with and talk through how Xero and Workflow Max can give you back the time control you’re currently lacking.

Get in touch to arrange a review of Xero and Workflow Max.