There are incredible benefits that software and cloud technology can bring to your business processes. Our Xero Trifecta business approach is founded on the cornerstones of cloud solutions, after all.

But the real power behind the Trifecta – and the software within it – is not really in the technology.

Having the latest tech always feels exciting. Whether it’s the Apple watch, new Bluetooth speakers, or a waterproof camera, even the process of purchasing it can cause you to feel that you’re already more effective.

But the greatest power comes from learning to use the technology.

Talking to others who use it.

Sharing experiences and ideas.

The Trifecta is the same. We could send you off to learn about four different pieces of software and wish you well – and you would only get so far. But with our own experience, business knowledge and commercial insight, you go so much further.

The tech gives us the raw numbers, but it’s our ability to understand your business that provides the real impetus for growth, development and profitability in your company.

So, what does this mean for you?

Work with someone who knows your business inside out.

There is no one who knows more about your business than you: but advice and support from someone who puts real energy into a great working relationship with you will improve things significantly.

When getting support on any kind of tech – from cloud accounting software to website hosting – make sure the person or company you work with:

  •  Listens to you. They need to follow the 80-20 rule, listening 80% of the time and talking only 20%. If your chosen supplier is all talk, let them go.
  •  Learns from you. Again, you need expert advice. But the best experts are always open to learn more – their minds are like a sponge. Work with those who learn as much as possible from you – about what makes your business tick, and theirs too.
  •  Connects with you as a person. You’re not merely a number, or a series of numbers on their balance sheet. You’re a real human being, with a name and concerns and family members (and possibly a dog) – and they know these things, and care about them.
  •  Appreciates the nuances of your industry sector. No software or tech works the same way for everyone. Make sure that the experts you work with have researched your particular sector and marketplace, and understand the challenges around seasonality, timescales, and any issues unique to you.

A core focus on time, cash and control

Being in control of your business information is essential when you’re at the helm of a busy company – so your tech needs to help you do that.

We’re passionate about the three core areas of concern for most business owners:

  • Time
  • Cash
  • Control

The best technology provides all the data you need – and then your chosen expert (whether us or someone else) can advise you and help you use the software and tech to streamline the functions that take up all your business time.

With the combination of cloud technology and personal, insightful guidance, you’ll soon be back on control of all these critical elements of your financial management.

And when you’re on top of your numbers, you’re on top of your business.