Your business’s website is such a critical part of your brand these days.

Your site is your shop window, your content hub, your eCommerce centre and the place where most of your customers and prospects will come to find out more about you, your products and your people.

As a firm, we pride ourselves on always presenting ourselves as the modern, forward-thinking practice we now are. So that’s why we decided that our old website needed a rethink – and set about updating it into a site that’s modern, engaging and shows the real value we add for you, our business clients.

The need for something new

The website we had was a few years old – and website technology moves on so fast these days. So our old site was starting to look dated, and that’s the point at which any business needs to consider rethinking their site and embracing some new ideas.

We’ve evolved a great deal as an accountancy firm over the past few years, becoming a Xero Partner, moving over to cloud accounting and diving into the world of Xero apps and the Tyrrell Trifecta.

So we needed our site to reflect the changes in the firm. Richard Suswain (Partner), explains:

“As a firm, we want to present ourselves as current, using the latest cutting-edge technology and having the mindset and thinking of a modern, business advisory practice. Our old site wasn’t doing that and the look and styling weren’t saying what we wanted them to.

We were already working on our marketing with The Profitable Firm, so we continued that conversation to get their thoughts and ideas on how we could update our site and get across the new, 2016 version of the firm.”

A changing and evolving firm

Over time, what we offer as a firm has evolved. And what we wanted was to reflect that evolution and our new image, as Richard describes.

“Our old site was created a good few years ago now, so time had caught up with it. Things move so quickly now. When we looked at other websites we saw things like moving imagery and everything scrolling nicely, and we wanted ours to impress in that way, too. Plus, what people expect to see on a website has changed massively. It’s got to be responsive and work on a mobile – that’s just a given; that your site works on a mobile device. So these were all things we wanted to incorporate.

The site needed to reflect our modern image and thinking, as well as showing independent views of our clients and the personality of the people in the firm – it had to tell you what we’re about.”

The team at the Profitable Firm were really focused on helping us pin down what makes Tyrrell & Company the firm it is, and highlighting our values and personality. As Karen Reyburn, owner and MD of marketing agency The Profitable Firm, highlights, it was about getting a real handle on who Tyrrell & Company really are.

“We were already working closely with Tyrrell & Company on several projects, so we know them as people, not merely as accountants. They had made a lot of progress on new pages, webinars, events, and helpful tools for their clients – but the old site wasn’t displaying these to its full effectiveness. So we wanted to help them bring out these elements in their new site.

As accountants in Cambridge, Tyrrell and Company have a strong experience factor and also a genuine focus on client relationship. We enjoy every conversation we have with Richard and you can see his – and the team’s – enthusiasm for helping clients really shine forth.

More pages and resources will be coming soon because no website is ever truly ‘finished’. As the firm grows and provides more for its clients, so will their website. It’s a privilege working with Richard and the team.”

Take a look and let us know what you think

It took some time to get all the details right – we’re all about the detail, as our clients will know – but we’re exceptionally pleased with our new site and the impact it will have.

We feel that the site’s cleaner and sharper, there are great links through to our events and resources, and we’re getting more social so you can connect with us and stay tuned to what is going on in our world.

But, ultimately, it’s your opinion that counts. So look around and let us know what you think – we’d love to hear your comments.