How agile do you think your business is? Do you see yourself as a business that is quick to launch products, respond to customer requests and even change the focus of the business?

At one point, working in the cloud was seen as a revolutionary idea, but fast forward a couple of years and it’s now being seen as the norm. Cloud technology makes you more agile, which in today’s saturated business market, can give you a huge advantage and even set you up to compete with bigger companies.

It’s safe to say that cloud working is here to stay, but still, many business owners aren’t exactly sure what the benefits are. As an accountancy firm who has embraced converting to the cloud, we’re here to show you the benefits of implementing this transition and taking your business to the next level.


Working in the cloud is ideal for businesses that are constantly growing. With cloud-based products like Gmail and Dropbox all available at extremely affordable rates, it’s become much easier for companies to simply upscale or downscale the capacity they need and rely on remote services.

Many business owners will remember the days where you were restricted to working on your business from one single desktop PC, with a wired modem connection. Some may even remember the dial up tone you’d get when connecting to the internet! Those setbacks are gone because the internet is now so powerful that you can access whatever you need via cloud computing simply by using a device connected to the internet. This allows you to make better and more informed business decisions whilst on-the-go, as you’ll have access to vital up-to-date information 24/7.


With the right technology, you can scale your business to accommodate for rapid growth. For example, with different CRM packages, you can automate a large percentage of your business, from the moment you have a new business lead to the onboarding process for them to become a client. This takes away the need for longer drawn-out processes that take up too much of your time and allows you to adapt your business to fit your business model. Ultimately, you free up your time, and that, therefore, allows you to work on instead of in your business. This gives you more scope for planning the future of your company!

Reduced costs

Having established that you can work on your business on-the-go, the idea of only needing a tablet or laptop and internet connection sounds extremely appealing. You only pay for capacity as and when you need it, so paying for the installation and maintenance of physical servers is no longer a cost you need to consider.

Instead, utilising cloud servers help save on the costs of hiring more IT staff and equipment and gives you the flexibility of more budget that you can spend on important elements such as reinvesting back into your business, for example.


There’s nothing worse than losing a USB memory stick, or the files corrupting on your only copy of those documents. It can be very demoralising, especially if it’s lots of hard work instantly gone! Some of you might even remember the days where you had filing cabinets full of client data and paperwork – but with working in the cloud, you can put those days safely behind you.

Cloud software is much more secure, with automatic and multiple backups happening throughout the day, removing the danger of losing crucial information. This means the process of disaster recovery is much more streamlined, and with automatic software updates, you are taken care of by your suppliers, so you don’t have to worry about maintaining the system yourself.


Ultimately, working in the cloud gives you more time to focus on the one thing that matters the most to you – growing your business. With flexible remote working now possible, and automation at your fingertips, cloud computing gives you everything you need to take the next step in developing your business!