We are living in a technological world. Gone are the days of dial-up internet, terrestrial television and delayed access to your financial information. Now, we are part of an instantaneous society, with technology clearly at the helm! For example, cloud accounting means you can check your business finances from anywhere with an internet connection. You have so much power at your fingertips. You can push a button to fire off an invoice, transfer balances, and so much more.

Even so, that’s just the tip of the iceberg, because there is technology that goes one step further, and it can be huge if business owners utilised it. We’re talking about automation. It’s the next level in creating an efficient business. It’s the key to smart working, to streamlined processes, to a better-focused business. Without it, you’re stuck in the rut of differentiating important and menial tasks.

But just how do you take advantage of automation? How do you find the right technology to help streamline your business? As a firm who utilises the latest in cloud-based technology, we’re bringing you insider tips on what automation can do for your business.

Business Processes

Every business has its day-to-day processes. Manual tasks that have become so ingrained in your business’ culture but have slowly seemed like a regular chore that you feel obligated to complete. You may also have specific processes that new clients take, or specific processes for completing particular jobs.

Without automation, there can sometimes be human errors and a lapse in quality. You may not be in a position to increase your workload, because these regular tasks are taking up a large portion of your time, but with automation, it becomes far easier to manage these processes.

For example, you might have an entire onboarding process for any new clients. Automation can give you the scope to trigger emails and forms automatically upon new clients signing up, taking out the monotonous task of emailing and signing people up manually.

Creating accountability

When you’ve got multiple tasks and parallel processes running throughout your business, it can be tough to track who is managing projects and who is accountable for what. You may not have any way of tracking which processes are taking longer than others, meaning it becomes impossible to monitor if a member of the team is less productive than another.

For instance, you might have a job which should take 5 days to complete and involves several staff. Without automation, you’d have to manually manage everything from approvals to transferring the task to different staff and more. If you had automation behind you, you can create transparency in how your business functions and enforce accountability on all staff. This would be particularly helpful in identifying if there are gaps in the process, such as staff deviating from the project or requiring time extensions.

A central platform for communication

What happens in your business if someone raised a support ticket, or if someone contacted you again and you had no history of the previous enquiry or why the ticket still wasn’t closed?

With automated systems, you’re able to eradicate any abrupt flows of communication and keep it all centralised. With this example, automation would allow the employee to see what replies had been sent to the customer and provide an update on every step of the customer journey.

The ultimate goal of saving time

We’ve gone through just a few of the endless possibilities with automation. But in every case, they each offer one common goal, which is every business owners dream: Saving time.

There is a plethora of affordable systems available for businesses which can result in a lot less man hours if you make use of them. Using these will ultimately free up your time to spend on other aspects of your business that need more attention or that you enjoy more.

Cloud accounting – don’t miss out!

We’re no stranger to cloud accounting, and we’ve seen the power it can bring business owners. Whether it’s being able to have instant access to your business finances on the go, or the ability to send invoices instantly or reconcile the bank at the push of a button, there’s no doubt that cloud accounting has been a fundamental shift in the way businesses operate today.

And if you’ve got products like the much-loved Xero at the centre of your business, you’re paving the way for a much more advanced, streamlined and automated business.

There are also now over 600 apps available in the Xero marketplace, meaning there are plenty of products out there that can help you automate processes in your business. From receipt capturing to point-of-sale systems, quoting and proposal apps to stock inventory, there’s a whole heap of technology ready to be picked and implemented to make your life easier.

Get the support your business needs

Cloud accounting was the start of a technological shift for businesses. It’s here to stay and automation is yet another driving force for changing how businesses operate. It’s ready to be taken advantage of, so why not dive in and get to transforming your business?

Tyrrell and Company has been built around using technology and automation to create an accountancy firm that business owners stay with. We’ve spent years crafting a service that utilises innovative technology, and we’re ready to show you how.

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