It has been 10 years since the launch of the original iPhone. To celebrate this milestone, Apple has launched the new iPhone X. Many business users see the iPhone as their go-to business phone. So is the latest version worth an upgrade?

Starting with the design, the iPhone X no longer has the familiar home button. The front of the device is made up almost entirely of the touchscreen, surrounded by a small bezel. The new 5.8-inch OLED display looks fantastic. It is way ahead of the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus thanks to its increased levels of sharpness, image quality and the fact that it fills the whole front of the phone. The bigger screen allows a bit more space for onscreen menus and makes the iPhone X a bit easier to use.

Another new feature of the iPhone X is that you can use facial recognition to unlock the phone. This isn’t new (it’s been available on the top Samsung models for a while now). Users can also use a numeric code to unlock the phone.

The iPhone X has a new 12-megapixel dual camera which is similar to the one on the iPhone 8 Plus. Compared with the last generation of iPhones, the iPhone X captures more vivid colours, and the way images are processed brings more detail to photos. It also features IP-67 water resistance and has a toughened glass back panel, which allows wireless charging.

In terms of processing power, the iPhone X uses the same A11 Bionic chipset as the iPhone 8. Battery life has improved a bit and users should get a full day’s usage from the iPhone X. Apple claims that you can generally expect two extra hours using the iPhone X over the iPhone 8. This will really depend on your level of usage.

Upgrading to the iPhone X is expensive. The new design looks fantastic and it has some great new features. However, it is the most expensive flagship phone currently on the market with SIM-free prices direct from Apple starting at £999 for the 64GB model and rising to £1,149 for the 256GB version. Mobile phone networks will undoubtedly offer deals but the latest and greatest iPhone certainly won’t come cheap.