It is every business owner’s goal to build a profitable and successful company. You’ve worked hard to get the business up and running, and are now ready for those sales to flood in and for your profits to start increasing.

But you need to take a step back and evaluate the backbone of your business: Your customers. Customers should be the core focus of every business. Getting more customers, and selling more to your existing customers are two ways that allow your business to grow.

Similarly, you want your business to be focused around customers that you want to work with. In order to truly grow, you need to start winning better business, with customers that are a good fit for your business.

Here are three tactics you can introduce in your business to start building relationships with customers that will help your business soar!

1. Focus on one problem

Trying to be a master of everything won’t help your business. Instead, by focusing your business around a central problem or customer need, you will be able to target your products and services, and your marketing much more efficiently.

For example, do you remember the days before iTunes? Mp3 players were all the rage, as were music download sites and providers. But nobody had seamlessly combined the two until Apple stepped in. Apple created a pivotal combination that launched the company into the world of electronics, and the rest is history!

Targeting your business towards specific customer needs and/or problems will help cement the relationships with the customers you want to work with.

2. Listen, but lead

Your customers want to be heard. They want to feel comfortable telling you the problems they’re facing and the goals they’re wanting to achieve. And they want to do all this in the hope that the product or service you are providing is the solution that they need.

It is, however, important for you to lead the relationship from the start. Steering your customers to work with you in a required way, is crucial to building a successful relationship with them. Relinquishing this control could lead to them becoming a problem client, which you want as few of as possible!

3. Be human & be authentic

Being authentic is critical as a business owner. If you don’t believe in what you are selling, be it a product or service, your customers will see right through you. This will likely result in them running in the opposite direction rather than choosing to work with you. Being supportive, open and honest with your customers, even when you make a mistake, goes a long way in building trust in a relationship.

Authenticity is the single best way to keep your customers happy, and for them to continue investing their time and money into your business.

Ready to win better business?

If you’re ready to make a change within your business and start winning more customers that are a good fit for your company, think about which tactic would be best to action first!

If you want more advice, you can also talk to our team about these tactics and other ways of growing your business. Visit our website to find out more or call 0112 832477.