Tyrrell and Company has also been focused around one goal: Helping others find and reach their true potential.

That goal has been ingrained in everything do, from the support we provide business owners to the charities we support. So with that in mind, we’re extremely proud to announce that we’re supporting the charity Something to Look Forward to, a charity set up to help the families affected by cancer improve their lives going forward.


About the charity

Something to Look Forward to was set up by Andy and Fiona Coldron, clients of Tyrrell and Company. In 2007, Fiona was sadly diagnosed with breast cancer and was in the unfortunate position of being offered the minimum statutory sick pay only.

With the prospect of little financial support as a single mother, Fiona had to work to support her family whilst going through this traumatic experience. It was throughout her surgery and treatment that she and Andy found that small treats such as meals together or nights away in a hotel, gave them “something to look forward to”, helping them realise the importance of creating experiences with loved ones.

It was this that gave them the idea of setting up a charity to support others and their families affected by cancer, and by 2015, Andy and Fiona had started the process of launching “Something to Look Forward to” as a registered charity and not for profit company.


Who can support the charity?

In a little over 2 years, over £230,000 in value of gifts and experience have been donated to families affected by cancer. Thanks to support from businesses and individuals, over 5000 people have been recipients of experiences and gifts for them and their families.

Everyone from large corporates to individuals can donate, and gifts can take the form of holiday homes, tickets to attractions, hotel stays, money, sponsored events, gifts in your wills and gifts in memory. The charity also encourages you to “ask at your local”, allowing your local pub landlord to also donate in the form of meal vouchers.

You can also contribute smaller donations via Local Giving, either as a one-off donation of a monthly donation. Companies are also welcome to set up funds with the foundation to support growing programmes, many of which have become special projects with the charity.


Where to go for more information

If you would like to find out more about the charity, you can visit their website to see how people benefit, find a gift or special project, or pledge your own donation. From there you can connect with the charity on social media to see their work in action.

We’re extremely proud of our pledge to the charity to help them reach more families affected by cancer and cancer poverty. We hope you are able to support the charity in your own way too.