Last updated: 20/03/2020

These are indeed unprecedented times for all. As business owners we are all concerned about the current situation and the affect it will have on our businesses/livelihoods etc. There will be an end and we will come through this.

Other than face to face meetings, it’s business as usual at Tyrrell and Company. We can be contacted through our usual telephone number and email addresses and are more than happy to arrange video meetings.

Although we are mainly working remotely, the office is currently being manned by a skeleton staff force, so if you are looking to drop paperwork off etc, please check with us first.

Government has put in place a number of financial measures to assist businesses in the short to medium term. These range from ‘time to pay’ arrangements for tax, grants (for certain business sectors) and government backed loans.

The link below will take you to the government site which explains the reliefs currently available in detail. We would encourage you to check the website regularly as it is frequently being updated.

You will no doubt be bombarded with various information at this time regarding the Coronavirus so we have kept this to the point.

The big take away is that WE ARE HERE TO HELP, keep positive and contact us if you need help in anyway.