You’re using Xero, so you already know that having your information online streamlines your business. But oftentimes our clients are surprised to find out how many ways they can streamline what they are doing in Xero.

Here are our top five tips for sending out your sales invoices from zero. 

Number 1: Make sure that your sales invoice template looks good.

Confirm that your invoice is easy to read and is going to make sense. 

To do this, within your sales invoice setting settings, click on options and then preview, and you’ll be able to see what an invoice looks like. 

If there are slight changes you need to make, just click on options and edit. From there you can change the wording or you can change the font, or hide or show various columns.

A clear, concise invoice is going to get you a faster payment. 

Number 2: Make sure you are using default settings.

You can save time by using default settings, so I would always suggest putting your sales invoice default due date in, and this could be 7 days, 14 days, or 30 days after the date the invoice is issued. By doing this, it just saves you having to populate this field when you’re raising your sales invoice. 

Number 3: Copy details to new sales invoices.

If you have a similar type of invoice, you can copy those details across to a new sales invoice.

Within your invoice list, if you open up an invoice, at the top right under the invoice options dropdown, you can just copy that across to a new invoice.

This new invoice can be used for a new customer but you’ll have the template of a similar service and you can just edit it as needed.

Number 4: Use products and services where possible.

Even if you don’t necessarily sell products, you can still take advantage of this feature in zero. If you  add a new item code, you can sell that item and it’s always going to get coded across to sales.

When you then raise a new invoice and use the item code, that automatically populates all that data across saving you, having to type that out every single time.

And again, if there’s slight variations, you can always just edit and change as needed as per tip number 3.

Number 5:  Wherever possible, obtain email addresses from your clients or customers

It’s way more efficient to email invoices out, rather than posting.

Within your invoices you have a choice to email straight from Xero and we highly recommend that.

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