You’ve decided (or you are close to deciding) to make the switch to Xero. Xero helps our clients in all industries take control of their finances and use their numbers to make better decisions. It helps keep you organized and makes your accounting faster and easier.

But, it might seem a little overwhelming. It’s a whole new system to learn. You know it’s a good idea to have everything in Xero but it seems daunting. There are myriad options for apps to connect – do you need them? What features do you really need to use and which are overkill for you?

There are lots of free resources for using Xero and we can help you get the most out of it with our Xero Optimization Review.

But first, you just need to know the basics. Here’s is our advice for getting started with Xero.


1. Find your way around Xero.

This video goes you through how to get up and running. Start at Xero’s homepage and we’ll walk you through it, step-by-step.


2. Streamline your sales invoicing process.

With a little bit of tweaking, the standard invoice template in Xero will work for the majority of businesses. Check the below video for all the ways you can customize it to work for you and your customers. Once you are happy with your template, you are then ready to send sales invoices to customers.


3. Coordinate purchases with Dext Prepare.

There are lots of apps that will help you streamline your business processes, and we always recommend Dext Prepare as the first one to start using.



4. Make bank reconciliation easier.

All your sales data will be held within Xero, and all your purchase invoices will be within Xero via the Dext Prepare integration. Now, you just marry it all together with your bank account.

Once you’re used to these things, connect with us to learn more about how to take advantage of all that Xero can do for you. We can do a deep review of how you’re using Xero, how your business runs, and give you tips for how Xero can help your business run better with our Xero Optimization Review.