At Tyrrell Accountants, we firmly believe incorporating modern technology improves business processes. Using dedicated software to manage otherwise laborious tasks can save hours, making the day-to-day running of your business more efficient.

It’s precisely why we’ve upgraded our HR system to citrus HR. It’s a powerful, simple HR software that provides time-saving tools and support to small businesses across the UK. We’re confident it will add another string to the bow of our ambitious, tech-savvy clients.


Managing HR is far more than running Payroll


Employee admin is time-consuming but necessary, and payroll is only one small part of it. As the name suggests, citrus HR is a fully-fledged human resources system.

It covers every facet of HR, including:

  • Expenses management
  • Tailor-made employment contracts to keep you legally compliant
  • Staff handbook
  • Instant access to all your staff information
  • Tracking, managing and monitoring team time
  • Queries around holiday, absences, TOIL, sickness and timesheets
  • Performance and development tracking, goals and appraisals
  • Easy onboarding for new starters
  • E-signatures, checklists and reminders to set you up for success from day one
  • Compliance with GDPR and UK employment law

Whereas our previous software was focused only on the basics, Citrus HR is equipped with all the tools you need under the same human resources umbrella.


Citrus HR makes day-to-day HR admin effortless.


Multiple tasks which would usually involve a hefty amount of paperwork, hours and frustration, citrus HR makes simple. All your employee data is stored in one central place, saving the headache of searching for documents in different places. You can access the records instantly, from anywhere.


The platform supports your business as it grows.


Created with small businesses in mind, the software is designed to manage rapid growth. You may need support with increasing admin pressure as your team and business expand, for which Citrus HR offers things such as:

  • Access to workplace risk assessments to make transitioning back to the office or onsite working easier and within Health and Safety legal guidelines. This includes guidance on hybrid working and flexible working patterns.
  • Anonymous staff surveys to find out what your team is comfortable with, including workplace socialising and activities, and to enquire about wellness and mental health.


Why Do I Need HR software?


It can be difficult for some small businesses to know when they need to bring in HR. If the past couple of years has shown us anything, it’s that no matter how small, every business needs trustworthy HR advice and support.

Whether it’s for specific HR enquires or guidance for staying on the right side of UK employment law, CitrusHR provides a platform to help you get it right; sensibly, affordably, and stress-free.

If you want the benefits of Citrus HR’s capabilities, we’re here to help you make the switch.


Put your business on track to reach its full potential.


Setting up your business on modern, user-friendly systems is one of the simplest yet most effective ways to streamline your operations and relieve the stress of the day-to-day running.

It’s what we do at Tyrrell Accountants; our mission is to make our clients’ lives easier by providing tech and resources that fit into their way of doing things, so they feel in control of their business finances.

If you want to find out how that could apply to your business, fill in our form and we’ll be in touch.