We often have clients contacting us to request payment details for HMRC, but we need to be mindful that emails can be intercepted by fraudsters. This type of scam is very common, so be wary of receiving bank details from anyone via email. 

Instead, always get the account numbers directly from the page on the HMRC website. Here are the relevant links: 




Corporation Tax

Keep these tips in mind for all email correspondence:


Email isn’t as secure as other platforms.

Email is great for day-to-day communication, but it doesn’t have the same layers of security as platforms specifically designed for the transfer of sensitive information. Often only protected by a password, email servers can be susceptible to hackers.

We never want your financial information to end up in the wrong hands, or for you to send money to the wrong person. In the worst-case scenario, an email account is hacked, the bank account number is changed, and you end up transferring cash to the hacker’s bank account. 


Take steps to make your accounts as secure as possible.

Whether it’s email or other platforms and apps, there are certain protective measures you can implement to ensure hackers can’t access your account.

  • 1. Use multi-factor authentication.

This requires you to use a second device to validate you’re the account owner after logging in with your username and password. You’ll usually be prompted to input a verification code that’s sent to your phone.

  • 2. Use complex passwords.

An intricate password such as “gXfk5PRT8g!lRf9” is near-impossible to guess compared to your dog’s name or the street you used to live on. 

Password generators are a fantastic way to create and keep track of random, hard-to-guess passwords. We recommend platforms like LastPass or Keeper, and Apple has their own built-in password generator on iPhones and Macs.

  • 3. Use distinct passwords for different accounts.

If hackers manage to get hold of your password, you want the peace of mind it won’t serve as an access-all-areas pass. Your data will have far more protection if you use unique passwords for each platform, so they can’t access everything with one login.

Always be mindful of protecting your data. 

If you have any questions regarding your HMRC details or account security, drop us a message.