About Us

Proud to be innovative and different


Meet the team

Who we are

Tyrrell & Company was founded with one simple objective: To help our clients reach their full business potential.

That’s been ingrained in everything we do, and since day one, we’ve helped small and medium sized businesses in the East of England achieve exponential growth and help high net-worth individuals maximise opportunities.

“Building successful relationships is key to us understanding
and helping you with your goals.”

– Craig Tyrrell, Founder

How we’re different

We love working with small and family owned businesses and provide all the normal services you’d expect from an accountancy firm.

We love interacting with clients and catching up over a coffee to help or advise in any way we can on all sorts of subjects from business strategy, tax planning, the latest business tech or even family and holidays! Maybe this is why based on hundreds of independent reviews our clients rate us as “outstanding”.

Not only that, but we recognise that you’re the kind of business owner who is ready to embrace new technology, or you’re even already using it. That’s why we work with leading software like Xero to keep you in control of your business. We share the same goal as you: To go forward and be successful, and to be passionate about doing business.

“It’s great to have the team behind me. The staff are really on
the ball. A great asset to me.”

– Paul Wolfe

Who we work with

We work well with businesses that want to develop and grow. We appreciate that some clients
just want to stay compliant. Our clients often see themselves as a:

Law Abider

You understand your accounting and tax obligations but time isn’t on your side. You need an accountant to just prepare and file your accounts and returns.

Empire Builder

You’ve got big plans for your business, and you want an accountant who will help you achieve those dreams, and put the support in place to make them a reality.



You love your business and you love doing the work above anything else. You need an accountant to take away the burden of bookkeeping and accounting requirements.

Dare to do more

– and take the opportunity to work more on your business.