Save time

TIME: The Trifecta element that gives you back your time.

A new approach to bookkeeping & data entry

Lost receipts and paperwork are losing your business money. And think of the time you spend inputing expense data and dealing with an ever-growing pile of paperwork.

We have the solution to both these problems, which is an award-winning Xero add-on software that gets you on top of your expenses and drastically reduces the time you spend keying in your data.

And getting your financial data into Xero quickly doesn’t just save time – it gives you the business information you need to see the health of the business.

It’s another part of the Xero Trifecta

Saving time is just one element in our Xero Trifecta

We use Xero online accounting software as the foundation and combine it with other software for:

  • Saving time with expenses & receipts
  • Full control over your business finances
  • Cash flow support & invoice chasing

It’s about integration, technology and your accounts work all coming together. We take those numbers and add the insight that then puts you back in the driving seat.

hour glass
You save time on sending in your paperwork, giving you time back to run your business more effectively
Files 250
You save space as there’s no need to store hard copies. Ditch your filing cabinets and get more room.
Speed - Accelerate
You get all your financial data quickly. And we can advise you on your real-time flow of information.

This software converts all your bills, invoices and receipts into data, making it easy for you to send your financial information straight to us.

With flexible submission methods you’ll never lose another document as it’s simple to submit them instantly.

You can submit paperwork via the app (iPhone & Android), or by email or Dropbox.

Best of all, once you’ve submitted your documents, you can rest assured that Tyrrell & Company will take it from there. No more days of admin and expense claims and bookkeeping that you don’t have time for.

Find out more about the impact that Xero Trifecta can have on your business. We’ll take the hassle out of finding paperwork and organising receipts.

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