HMRC Enquiry Specialists


With HMRC ramping up its enquiries, it’s vital to have any investigation or enquiry handled by a specialist.

An HMRC enquiry can be a disruptive and time-consuming process for any business. But with our inside knowledge of HMRC’s processes, our team will help you to manage the information requests, supply the data that’s needed and make the process as straightforward as possible.

What We Do

We’ll put our experience and knowledge of HMRC’s enquiry processes into practice to help you minimise the potential impact of an enquiry on your staff, your income and your reputation as a business.

Full explanation of HMRC’s enquiry procedures and what will be required of you as a business.

A one-to-one relationship with your enquiry manager and ongoing support throughout the process.

Assistance to source the relevant information and documents needed during the enquiry.

Advice and guidance on how to reduce the impact on your ‘business as usual’ procedures.

The benefit of our team’s experience as former HMRC employees and their knowledge of HMRC’s practices.

The Benefits For You And Your Business

You get the benefit of working with a team of enquiry specialists who know HMRC inside out, and can help you to complete your enquiry with the minimum of stress, disruption and impact on your day-to-day income.

Complete comfort on how the enquiry will work and what your role is in the process.

The personal support of an enquiry expert to guide you through each stage of the enquiry.

Collation of the required evidence and supporting documents needed to make your case.

The assurance that your business will be able to run as usual, with downtime avoided at all times.

Reduced stress and worry when you have the back-up of a team you know is on your side.

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