When you hate using your hard-earned money to pay the accountant

If you see your advisers once a quarter – or worse still, once a year – then you don’t have the right kind of depth to your advisory relationship.

You need more frequent contact and a more productive working relationship with your accountant. By meeting and talking regularly makes a big difference between a ‘traditional accountant’ and a ‘modern cloud-based accountant’ – a good, 21st-century accountant is a trusted business adviser, not a dull bookkeeper.

Shining a Spotlight on your business dashboard

Having a great view of your business information is the key to better decision-making. But staring at a page of figures, or a complicated spreadsheet, isn’t always the best way to see the important insights and pull out the underlying truths relating to your your financial and business data.

For most business owners, it’s not a good way at all.

Although we appreciate a good spreadsheet at Tyrrell & Company, we appreciate that it’s far more helpful for you to see your key business numbers in a visual format.