Turning around a struggling business: and making it a profitable one

Too many businesses survive with one eye on their bank balance and another on an ever-growing pile of bills to pay. They survive, day to day, but there’s no stability, no profit and definitely no foundation for growth. And this kind of short-termism can be fatal for a number of reasons:

Why we hate the term ‘proactive accountant’

Take a look around most accountant’s websites or marketing materials and you’ll no doubt come across the term ‘proactive accountant’ lurking somewhere in the copy describing their practice services.

But what do they mean by ‘proactive accountant’ exactly?

At Tyrrell, it’s a term we’ve come to dislike, mainly because it infers that there are accountants that aren’t proactive. And we know that proactivity is something that’s the absolute bedrock of our services – and always has been.