Why tech is not enough on its own

There are incredible benefits that software and cloud technology can bring to your business processes. Our Xero Trifecta business approach is founded on the cornerstones of cloud solutions, after all.

But the real power behind the Trifecta – and the software within it – is not really in the technology.

Having the latest tech always feels exciting. Whether it’s the Apple watch, new Bluetooth speakers, or a waterproof camera, even the process of purchasing it can cause you to feel that you’re already more effective.

But the greatest power comes from learning to use the technology.

Receipt Bank: Gaining control over where your team spend their time

Are you and your team spending too much time on admin and paperwork? The average UK small business owner spends 16 hours a week on admin, 4 hours on regulatory matters and only 8 hours on actual business development. That’s far from being an efficient way to use your resources.

Running a business requires a large amount of record-keeping, administration and data entry. But do your people really need to spend so much of their week coping with keying in numbers and dealing with incoming paperwork?


The short answer is no: with modern cloud software you can drastically cut down the time you spend on this essential admin. And the combination of Xero online accounting software and the Receipt Bank plug-in are a perfect way to save time, cut costs and reduce that paperwork.