Protect your business against HMRC.

Save time, stress and thousands of pounds with our Tax Investigation Insurance.

No one thinks they’re at risk of a tax investigation.

You know you haven’t made a fraudulent claim, but HMRC can randomly investigate any business, at any time. Even when you’ve done nothing wrong.

The last thing you need is the worry of an audit.

You don’t want any distractions while you run your business. An investigation could take months and incur five-figure accountancy fees, derailing what you’ve worked so hard to build.

Total protection against the unavoidable.

We can’t stop HMRC from targeting your business, but we can safeguard you when it happens. That’s why we created our Tax Investigation Insurance.

What’s included?

All bases covered, for total security.

Insurance policy taken out in our name with Professional Fee Protection (PFP).

Cover against accountancy fees up to £100,000 incurred during an HMRC enquiry.

Our team handles all communication with HMRC, so you stay focused on what matters.

Financial experts on your side to advise and navigate the process on your behalf.

Helpline support from legally qualified specialists; 24/7, 365 days a year.

Eliminate the worry of HMRC investigations.

Enjoy peace of mind you’re financially safeguarded.

Focus on what’s important as we handle all enquiries.


Annual subscription from £120+

The average yearly cost of Tax Investigation Insurance is £120-360, depending on the size and scope of your business. It’s a small fee compared to the thousands in accountancy fees you could incur if not protected.

Don’t wait: protection starts from the date we receive your subscription payment.


Here’s how we’ve given other business owners peace and protection against tax investigations.


“When I received a letter from HMRC enquiring into my VAT returns, I was dreading what may lie ahead and what this will mean for me. One thing that I didn’t need to worry about was professional help as I had subscribed to Tyrrell’s Tax Investigation Service. Tyrrell Accountants dealt with all HMRC correspondence on my behalf which was a big weight off my mind leaving me to focus on running my business. The fact that all my data was on Xero also enabled the enquiry to be resolved with very little input from me. I received a clean bill of health and no fee invoice from my accountant!”

Peace of mind starts today.

Say goodbye to audit anxiety. Sign up for Tax Investigation Insurance by filling in our contact form.