Spend a little money on Xero, spend a lot less time on your accounting

Xero knows your time could be better spent

For a business owner, time is money. Xero was designed to automate the repetitive accounting tasks you don’t need (and can’t afford) to be spending precious time on.

Here are just some of the perks:

It’s easy to use, and plenty of tasks you probably don’t like doing can be automated to give you back time for more important business tasks.

It’s a cloud based software, so you can access your key numbers anytime, anywhere. No more updates and no more running the risk of desktop server issues.

It can help you with things like efficiency and invoicing – beyond the bookkeeping, there are features to help you improve the efficiency of processes in your business.

You can easily access financial information. You’ll have the information at your fingertips when you need to make an important business decision.

Want see how it works? See how to use Xero.

Xero costs more than Excel, but Excel is a bigger risk to your business

You may be thinking, is Xero really better than using Excel or another method?

Things like Excel may seem like an attractive option for a bootstrapping business owner. And yes, it’s familiar, but it’s propensity for error is costly.

Because your records have to be manually entered and edited on excel, it’s extremely error prone and unreliable. Formulas break, numbers are wrong. We know, we spent years using it too.

Importantly, Xero is compatible with making tax digital and complies with HMRC’s online portal which makes filing tax returns more easier and faster for you.

It could be high time for a change.

How much does it cost?

Xero costs from £12 per month for the software only. We may recommend other Xero apps and those charges will be additional. Most of our clients are paying around £40 per month.

We’re here to hold your hand through change.

Change can feel daunting, and we’d never commit you to it. We believe in your service, your way.

If you know it’s time for a change but you’re not looking forward to the learning curve, we’ve got you covered.

As a team we’re all trained on Xero. We provide set-up guidance, training and ongoing software support. We’re here to be your backup so you feel confident and your business isn’t interrupted by this transition.

Want to see if Xero is right for you?

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